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Payroll Services at Ndzumo Consulting

Whether your business has one employee – or thousands, Ndzumo Consulting will provide you with a fully managed, standardized payroll service wherever you operate.

Payroll services designed to fit your business needs. Free up your time spent on payroll activities, save costs of payroll system and staff hire.

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Payroll Services

Streamlining business efficiencies by outsourcing your company payroll will not only be cost-effective and free up precious core manpower time but will assist with the ever-changing and complex Tax Legislation (for Employee tax Purposes) by ensuring your company payroll is compliant and accurate in all aspects of the Tax law.

Registered SARS

  • We are SARS Registered Tax Practitioners. We will ensure that we find legal ways to help you save on your Employee Taxes. Some of the ways we do this is by using Tax Incentives like the Employment Tax Incentive (ETI) or by ensuring that your Employee Taxes are paid before the 7th of each month so you can avoid penalties and interest.
  • We are registered accountants with over 15 years of experience to ensure that the taxes are calculated accurately and inline with the requirements of SARS.
  • We also ensure that the employees are registered with the Department of Labour on your behalf. And when it comes time for Tax Submissions, we issue the employees with their IRP5’s.

Full Range of Services

  • Processing of monthly salaries and weekly wages
  • Salary structuring and high level remuneration analysis
  • Standard reports for monthly and annual statutory requirements (including monthly EMP201 return, electronic UIF submission and annual Workmen’s Compensation/OID)
  • Preparation of electronic transfer files for payment of employee’s net salaries
  • Leave administration
  • Full mid-year and year-end tax reconciliation services (EMP501 reconciliation) including annual IRP5 tax certificates and preparation of SARS Easy file reconciliation file for submission
  • Assistance with tax directives – Commission earners or Gratuity/retrenchment purposes

Stressed about Payday because of Payroll? We provide Payroll Services for Just R99 per Payslip. Fixed-Rate, No surprises. All Your Payroll Needs Will Be Met. We Also submit All PAYE/UIF/SDL Submission To SARS.

Payroll Services For Just R99 Per Payslip. Give Us A Call For All Your Payroll Needs. We Also Register Your Employees With The Department Of Labour.

We Submit All Your PAYE/UIF/SDL Returns To SARS. Hassle-Free Payroll Services. You, Will, Have A dedicated Payroll Expert. For Only R99 Per Payslip, Give Us A Call For Stress-Free Paydays.

Work With A Payroll Expert. Take Back Control Of Payday.

Avoid late or incorrect filings and payments. We can do your Payroll for R99 per payslip, expertly. Get in touch and let us help save you the trouble.

Payroll process a nightmare? Get help, for only R99 per payslip. All the time costly details, accounting jargon, etc. can be done by us, while you get on with running your business.

Can’t go anywhere because you have to process Payroll? You can avoid that by getting All-inclusive Payroll services. Let’s help you get your freedom back.

Miscalculated an employee’s leave days? How many more mistakes? Take the load off your shoulders. We provide Payroll services for only R99 per payslip. Call us to your rescue.

We also provide catchup services if your company’s accounting records are not up to date.

Email us at for an obligation-free quote.



Bring back the pleasure to Payday! Let the expert handle your Payroll at R99 per payslip. And you can rest assured that it’s all taken care of.

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